Our Mission

Clerk of Court Mission Statement
The mission of the Clerk of Court is to serve the citizens of the County by providing independence in the judicial process, by maintaining an accurate record of court activity and proceedings, by providing independence and transparency in the financial and accounting activities of the County, by maintaining accurate financial and accounting records, by creating trust and confidence as the guardian of taxpayer funds, by maintaining accurate County official records, by keeping accurate minutes of the meeting of the Board of County Commissioners, by serving the public interest in preserving the history of the County as recorded in numerous types of documents, by efficiently and effectively fulfilling our numerous statutory responsibilities and by providing exceptional customer service

Clerk of Court Vision Statement
Core Values: Honesty – Competent – Supportive – Caring – Independent

The vision of the Clerk of Court’s Office is to fulfill our responsibilities with competent objectivity and independence, and to be supportive and caring toward our employees, and to be honest toward one another and toward the citizens of Wakulla County.