Courthouse Attire

The following clothing items are not permitted in the Wakulla County Courthouse.

Clothing should be consistent with the seriousness and dignity of the judicial process.

  • No Halter tops, tank tops, see through tops, bare-midriff tops, tops with open backs or bare shoulders.
  • No sheer or revealing blouses/shirts. Shirts must be completely buttoned, undergarments should not be visible.
  • No short shorts or mini-skirts/dresses, swim wear, bathing suits, lingerie or pajamas.
  • No pants that allow undergarments or skin to show, such as low cut hip-huggers and loose fitting pants that expose boxer shorts.
  • No clothing with foul language, obscene images/pictures/symbols or related drug or gang materials.

We reserve the right to deny entrance into the building based on compliance with this dress code.