Clerk Finance

The Clerk’s Office must also account and report for the activity of the Clerk of Court. Very similar to the BOCC, our office prepares an annual budget, reports all of its accounting activity and is audited every fiscal year.

On the following pages our office has prepared and/or presented various reports that have been broken into 3 main categories;
Clerk Budget, Clerk Financial, and Work Load Measurement & Statistics

Clerk Budget
The Clerk of Court prepares an annual budget in accordance with F.S. 218.35. Per this statute, we prepare two budgets. The first is presented to the BOCC in June of each year for the functions of the finance department, the maintenance department and the recording department. The second is presented to the State in August of each year for the court-related functions of our office. Both are reviewed and approved by these agencies prior to the beginning of fiscal year on October 1.

Greg James
Chief Deputy Clerk/Finance Director
[email protected]